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25 kg / Best Selection of Assorted Branded Ski Suits

25 kg / Best Selection of Assorted Branded Ski Suits

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A fine mix of branded Ski Suits.
Coming in a range of sizes and colours, these are extremely popular as they are a timeless store basic and have always held their price well.
They are very popular on both the high street and Depop as they are being sold in both their classic form & are perfect for re-working into other garments for larger profits.

A 15kg box can hold about 30 to 60 ski suits
For this box a resale value of the single piece is guaranteed for € 50/100

The box can contain: Champion - Fila - Brugi - Diadora - Colmar - O'Neill ecc..

Please note, we do not guarantee any rare items in any mixes. Rare pieces are extremely hard to come across, but we do not remove them either - when found they are included in the lots.

Shipping & Returns

We immediately prepare all orders we receive by 5 p.m. and have them dispatched by 6 p.m.
In Italy we guarantee delivery within 24 hours and 48 hours for areas that are not well served.
Throughout Europe we arrive within 2-3 working days.
Shop and open your door, we are on our way!

Care Instructions

The articles are selected by hand, by our team of stylists and tailors.
Each article is sterilised at origin, to guarantee a fresh clean!

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