About us

We believe in circular fashion. In quality clothes that can have multiple lives. This is our movement, which opposes fast fashion and its effects on the world. The Genesi ®️ project was born from these rigid foundations.

We are located in the South of Italy and every day in our warehouse over three trucks are unloaded and processed, coming from Europe and America.
All products are carefully sanitized and then selected according to the proposed categories. Every single piece receives a careful analysis to ensure that the product can be valid and correctly resold.

We want to improve the world of Vintage and Second Hand, as you can see we do not use plastic, all the boxes are made of recycled cardboard, which also guarantee a superior quality to the garment, to ensure that it does not suffer damage during transport.

We are suppliers of the largest physical and online stores.
We look forward to satisfying you.

The Genesi ®️ team

With us you will always find the best quality inside every single box, as well as for the price that will allow you to have great margins. We guarantee this because we are not subordinate to others, we collect all the textile products and select them directly, avoiding third-party companies, and this allows us to have the best price on the market.


Our goal is to allow you high revenues: If you earn, we are sure that you will come back to us.