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Looking For Quality Vintage Designer Clothing In Bulk?

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Genesi Vintage Wholesale

We are Genesi Vintage Wholesale; we’re all about giving clothing, shoes & acessories another chance at life.

We handpick the very best vintage & preloved designer garments to give them a new lease of life. With hundreds of designers and brands covering all kinds of styles, we consider our ranges to be the very best in second hand & vintage clothing.


As well as providing individual items to shoppers, we also provide other retailers with wholesale used clothing at competitive prices. Based in Italy, we’re well located to serve wholesale customers from all Europe Country and other areas of Italy in-person, with an online bulk buy service offered for retailers from further afield.


With our in-person service, we’ll guide you through our warehouse where you can handpick your wholesale order from our comprehensive range of clothing.

Bulk buy your choice of preowned clothing online

No worries if you’re too far away from us to make the trip – we also offer the same service over a video call for both Italian and International customers. You’ll be virtually guided around our warehouse to pick out your bulk order which will then be prepared and promptly shipped to you.

Whether you’re an established store looking to expand your inventory or you’re just starting out on Depop, we can deliver everything you’re looking for from a second hand clothing wholesaler. The table below shows the average prices you can expect for each type of garment.

Use the form above to get in touch with us today with your wholesale enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that there is a minimum order of €500 all order totals are plus VAT, and we offer a handpick service only with no pre chosen bundles.

Average prices for our wholesale clothing

Including designer brands, USA Print, Sports, Disney, Cartoon, Graphic and Music: €5-€10 average

Small Logo Sweatshirts
Spell Out Branded Sweatshirts
Track Jackets
Harrington Jackets
Levi Denim Jackets
Levi Denim Sherpa Jackets
Funky Fleeces
Puffer Jackets
Funky Shirts
Track Pants and Joggers
Trousers and Jeans